Kevin Max - Singer / Songwriter / dc Talk 

It is impossible to divorce Kevin Max from his beginnings in the enormously successful CCM band dcTalk, founded at Liberty University in 1987 alongside Toby McKeehan and Michael Tait. The trio caught the attention of Forefront Records in 1988, and later Virgin in 1996; five albums, four Grammy wins, and multiple Dove Awards later, the band remains one of the most important and successful Christian rock groups of all time. Their 1995 double-platinum album “Jesus Freak” became an anthem for a generation of believers trying shine their light to the world, and Kevin Max’s unique vocals and eclectic contribution to the band’s evolution from hip-hop to pop/rock stood out in both their albums and their legendary, packed-out live performances.  

The first entry in his solo career, 2001’s “Stereotype Be,” made this new agenda clear, as a bold hybrid of Sting’s smooth rhythms and Peter Gabriel’s world-music substance, with the lyrical qualities of John Lennon. Not a financial success at first, the album is now considered a cult classic for patrons of progressive rock with stirring lyrics. With contributions from legendary musicians like Adrian Belew (John Lennon and King Crimson), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel), and Matt Chamberlin (Tori Amos), “Stereotype Be” is now heralded as “stunningly beautiful… One of progressive rock’s most underrated gems, coming from one of progressive rock’s most unlikely purveyors” (sputnikmusic). Mixing world music with catchy pop, with influences ranging from Morrissey to George Harrison, Tom Waits to David Bowie (often within a single track), Kevin’s lyrical quality as a poet with a unique storytelling vision set him apart and established him as a singer who could stand on his own while harkening back to the musicians he clearly loved.  

Since “Stereotype Be,” there has been no stopping him. With each new entry in his evolving canon, he continues to push the boundaries of expectations as he refines his artistic diversity. 

"AWOL" is Kevin's 13th studio album. The first side of the album was recorded in NYC-Queens in the fall of 2017.  

It features tracks written and recorded by Max and his producer Kieran Kelly. The studio players feature iconic bass player Andy Rourke of The Smiths and drummer Matt Johnson of the St. Vincent band, as well as members of the band Passenger. Max states, ‘This album is probably the most anglophile centric album of my career, & is about paying homage to my heroes as well as creating songs that cannot be defined by a genre. The songs range from anthems of non-conformity to gothic romantic tales of adventure.’

Natalie Price

Natalie’s style is eclectic, an indie-Americana mix of pop, folk, and little twist of country. Her catchy melodies and smooth voice will put you at ease as she weaves stories of heartache, longing and joy. You might find her playing at local venues, coffee shops and house shows around the Lone Star state, or on social media. Her debut EP, Through The Fog, is set to release in spring 2019.

Gandhi's Gun

With positive messaging and an aggressive edge, Gandhi’s Gun combines the best elements of rock from days past with the most modern textures of synths and electronic dance music. Fronted by two perfectly matched male and female voices, the San Antonio based group steps ahead of their time while remaining comfortably familiar. The most recent incarnation of the group formed in late 2015, has two full length albums, and has released their 2017 EP titled “The Changes We Face.”

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is fearless musical and artistic performer from San Antonio, TX. Whether he is solo, with an acoustic guitar and harmonica or with his band (Chris Taylor & The Setting Sons) you can expect a passionate musical experience. “Here's a guy with a voice reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, whose musical approach should appeal to you if you hate bubblegum and want something with more substance!” Mike Rimmer - CrossRhythms  

He has cowritten two songs with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics fame and has over 30 albums to his credit. His album, Never Ending Now, released through Lo-Fidelity Records in 2016, is a double album featuring some of his best music to date.  

Throughout the 90’s, Taylor was the primary writer and visionary for the band Love Coma, which included Matt Slocum (guitar player for Sixpence None The Richer) and they developed quite a cult following across the US. With both his music and visual artwork, Taylor has remained prolific and prominent in releasing new work for his fans.  

Chris Taylor is a solo ARTIST in every sense of the word. Chris Taylor & The Setting Sons are a rock and roll band. No two Chris Taylor shows have been the same. Acoustic guitar and harmonica. Electric guitar and amplifier. Chris Taylor paints and sings at the same time, creating something unique right in front of you. The Setting Sons provide the muscle, the psychedelia, the rock and roll rhythm to it all.